Moonlight and I
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Me: *stares at bias' photo*
Brother: *looks*
Brother: Ayyyyy!
Me: Go away we are having an intimate contact right now
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I watched again JUMP’s JUMP-ing Tour last night and said to myself, “Oh God, please bring Ryutaro back.” Guess I haven’t moved on… or never will I move on…

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Why is it that I share half of what I have to my brother but then he doesn’t do the same to me? Ugh so selfish I wanna cry. I am so sorry, everyone. I just feel like I am not loved by this *insert bad adjective here* human being

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Oh hey, it has already been 4 years since I knew these ten boys who changed my life. Before knowing them, I barely socialize with people, I don’t appreciate things, I don’t take anything or something as an inspiration for me to do my best, and lastly, I don’t consider myself good at anything. But after knowing them, I became cheerful, friendly, loud, talkative, and pretty much a happier and a nicer person. 

Thank you for the 4 years of laughter, craziness, and tears. You guys made me express all my feelings that were all locked deep inside me before. I became a better person and I can now express and open my feelings to others because of your presence. I became confident. You guys are my inspiration that is why I do my best at all times. I just hope that someday we will see each other so that I can thank you personally. Ugh I just wanna cry and hug you all right now, but I can’t ‘cause you guys are too far from  me!!! When will I see you?! -_- 

Anyways, I’ll celebrate today and be happy! I LOVE YOU ALL! I just love you all, that’s it! 

See you soon, Hey! Say! JUMP <3



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Unfollowers what have I done to you guys I am sorry if I ever hurt you 

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Today, I felt rejected. Today, I felt like I am a big failure. Today, I felt like I am not good enough in doing things that I love.  Today, ugh I don’t know what to say anymore. I just feel like I am such a loser. Sorry to myself.

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Fuck school I can’t concentrate in my fandom I miss my ten boys so much I want to eat so many foods right now and cry and just stay forever alone and sob endlessly here on my bed ugh 

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So, yeah my cousin came here a while ago cuz she’ll be sleeping here tonight then she said she was hungry and so was I so we called for McDonald’s for delivery and I ordered Big n’ Tasty with fries and she ordered Big n’ Tasty with Twister Fries and  now I feel so full and thankful at the same time because I really love McDo. That’s all. LOL

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So I cross my heart and I hope to dieeeeeeeeeeeee that I’ll only stay with you one more niiiiiighhhhht and I know I’ve said it a million tiiiiiiiimessss but I’ll only stay with you one more niiiighhhht

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Hello there, handsome. Today is your 19th birthday! We&#8217;re not  getting  any younger anymore. So sad. :( Well, all I  wanna say to you  is that I thank you. I thank you because you gave happiness to me and to  the whole fandom. With your energy, hyperness, cheerfulness, and  your smile, there&#8217;s no doubt that you give us fans satisfaction.  You,  Nakajima Yuto, are a very wonderful person. We love you for being yourself. I don&#8217;t know when and where, but I know someday we will see each other. And by that time, I&#8217;ll tell everything to you. How I became a fan, how I was very happy to be a fangirl of JUMP and everything else. Just wait!! Hahaha! That&#8217;s all for now. I don&#8217;t  want my post to end in a novel-like post. LOL
Goodluck to you career, Yutorin! Be happy and cheerful always! We are always and forever here to support you and JUMP! We love you! 
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Taiyo Ayukawa is so handsome. Bow.

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Classes are suspended.  Get ready for make-up classes. 

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Mom: I tried eating Isaw. I didn't like it.
Me: Oh, okay.
Mom: So, don't eat it. It's bad.
Me: No one can separate me from my love!!
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ba-ba-ba-ba-banapple banappleeeeeeee